Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Pirate Treasure Chest

Today's post it's all about a little 10 year old
who I miss terribly but hope will soon be seeing... my grandson.
LOL... LOL...
... yeah, that's him, this last Halloween...LOL...
but this is what he looked like the last time I saw him,
a few years ago...
My son and his family live in Canada,
though they are planning soon to move to Portugal.
I know, we all are what you may call a international family,
me living in the United States, my son in Canada,
my daughter-in-law being American and my grandson Canadian...
Anyway, because they are planning to move,
my grandson is learning Portuguese,
and I did have a couple of books to initiate the language learning,
 so I'm shipping them along a few souvenirs
I brought from Washington DC for him.
And because he is so into superheroes and fantasy
(what a delightful age, isn't it?),
I decided to gather a small treasure and put everything in a pirate chest.
Thus I thought to share it with you all,
maybe as a Xmas stocking stuffer idea...
I found a little perfect chest box in a sale at Hobby Lobby,
some gold coins...
a magic spyglass...
a navigation compass...
some precious black pearls...
the pirate hook of course...
and his eye patch...
...some ear rings...
... et voila!
A perfect pirate treasure chest!
I really think he's going to be thrilled
about his pirate treasure chest!


  1. excuse me where did you buy that treasure chest?

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