Sunday, October 24, 2010

Selling crafts at a Church Bazaar

Today's post it's all about a craft sale event. 
I've been busy all week long, 
trying to get everything ready for this bazaar.

It was a very small event at a cute little Baptist Church
back in the way to the Smoky Mountains.
Beautiful little Church,
with just the enough look and taste from the past
and very nice people, as in good tradition of East Tennesseans.
Tough I had meant to take pictures of the surrounding scenery,
the good intentions just flew away
as soon as we got there.
 Just had enough time to set up the tables and display the items
and then you just can't abandon your stand, right?
I was invited by a beary nice lady
(lol... promoting my beary nice stores... lol), 
whom I just recently met,
but honestly one of the nicest gentle persons I've ever known.
Also she is very talented and skilled to socially interact,
something I regret to say I was not very good at, ever.
Somehow I always lacked the ability for small cordial talk,
chit chat about this and that...
My husband J was very good at it too
but not me.
Back to the craft bazaar.
It was a very small event, six artisans total,
some good southern food prepared by church members
(hm-mm.... tough I don't eat meat, I just love the smell of the smoke
and the fire on the pit).
It was really cold when we got there
(I'm talking freezing cold on the shade)  
 and the fire was already going, which made it much more attractive to me.
Here's a couple pics of my tables.

Like I said I wish I was not so socially shy
and had taken pics of the other stands too, but I didn't.
I made some sales,
and I've learned that if you intent to sell in a small craft event like that,
you do have to have small cost little items!
Most of the things I make
are long time consuming to create
and not eligible for a couple dollars sale price.
But my work was very appreciated,
people would ask questions and compliment it,
my bags and the Lolita Dolls,
as well as the Christmas ornament quilted balls, 
were really popular
tough people would give up after checking the price.
But promoting and getting known is as important as selling a lot, right?
Overall I'm happy I did participate,
I had a good time and was out of the house for a whole day long,
for the very first time in more than 6 years.
And that felt really good.

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