Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BearyNiceMade ArtFire Shop is open!

Finally Fall is here!
 Temperatures went down, and I had to turn on the heating 
last night for the very first time this season.
It feels good tough,
this nice crisping feeling on the skin kinda makes you react,
but it also makes it feel good
just to slide under the blankets and cover up to the nose!...

OK, now to the big announcement for today!
I've opened another store,
this time at ArtFire and so far I'm really pleased. 
It's called BearyNiceMade
and still is a twin sister of my BearyNiceCrafts on Etsy, meaning
I have the same items on both stores.
My plan is to have more specific items on one store
and more general ones on the other,
but for right now you can find any of my beary nice made crafts on both of them.
On the right side of my blog page, at the top,
you can find a shop window for BearyNiceMade.

Now for the giveaway I'm hosting,
there's only 10 days left to enter
and be able to win one of these 3 pouches handmade by me.
I want to thanks everyone that has been visiting and so kindly
leaving a comment.
I wish I could give everyone something!

As far as new craft projects,
I've been busy and finished some fabric Halloween baskets
 and I'm still working on some more of the same type
 for storage of small sewing items or small whatnot's,
the whatnot's possibly being a very very curious little kitten!
He (or she) is doing just fine,
gives me a lot of work but it's a real cutie, isn't it?
I'm still calling it Baby,
not being able to call it Max or Jill
without knowing for sure if it's a boy or a girl...lol...
Oh well,
I'll see you all later!

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