Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some of My Favourite Things...

It came and it's gone, thank goodness!
Yesterday we had lots of warnings for severe weather,
tornado watch and so on...
I heard rumbling and lightning and thundering during the night,
but nothing really major here.
Outside today the sun shines on the trees with a new clean shine
and everything looks fantastic!
But not for some folks tough...
I've just watched the news...
at least 12 died in Mississippi after the tornadoes hit!
My heart just shrinks every time! Poor, poor people!
I hope they can get some help really soon!, to start over really... It's so sad!

Well, in a lighter note,
I've accomplished a few things this week.
I've been working outside, trying to clean up and mulch and get the gardens ready for the blooms... and I did quite a bit,
...with my friend's help...
but... still have a long way to go...

Also, I've worked on some Lolitas
and they're ready now for their individuality.

I've finished my curtains!
Chocolate and pink,

checkers & dots & pastoral scenes!,

those are just a few of my favourite things!...

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