Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quilted wind roses and gardening

Spring has finally sprung:
out with August like temperatures, in with the 70's more April like!

I've been busy busy...
trying to get my flower gardens cleaned up and mulched, mowing the yard, washing the decks and outdoor furniture...
slowly but surely, as J used to say.
I'll get there, eventually!

Just look at my phlox this year!
It's gorgeous, don't you think?
I still didn't mulch these beds, but I did clean them up, trimmed and weeded...
The willows are dressing up really nice
and everything else is coming back as it should.
It really is the most pretty season of the year. I love it!

Besides gardening I've been doing some other stuff too.
Look at this cute fabric paper doll I made
for one of our grand daughters birthday:
I bought the fabric online, a panel with 4 wonderful paper dolls.
I still have 3 left to make.

On YouTube,
I found a very interesting craft, 
a quilted Christmas ball ornament;
so I've tried it and made a couple already:
Thank you for sharing angiejanca.
They're really easy and fun to make.

And because of this project  
I thought of another one,
different but using the same quilting/folding concept: 
It's a wind rose, or compass rose.
Just draw a circle on a cardboard, and fold the 3" fabric squares in a triangle and then glue them in a circle like a wind rose.
I already made a couple,
one red and I called it Fleur Rouge
and the other one is purple and I called it
La Douce Violet.

When my niece saw them she begged me to help her make one...
And here she is, doing a real great job!
She called hers Pink.

And that's it for today.
I've been working on another quilt project that I just love,
but that will have to wait for another post!


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