Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Dude...who are you...??

After my sister's phone call earlier today
I've finally realized I had to dig myself out from the hole
I had buried myself in...
And to be totally honest with you
I really don't exactly know how I got myself in there in the first place!
Maybe it was just a series of unfortunate events...
Oh well!..., I'm back and willing to be back.
So... these past two weeks
were kinda full and kinda stressful also,
but fortunately they're gone by now.

Let me update you all with the kittens...
I finally discovered what happened... and it's quite amazing!
All the kittens but the little Calico
were gone missing like I've told you about. 
Calico was the last remaining survivor...
...till last Wednesday, when he went missing
only 30 minutes after I had been playing with him.
I looked everywhere in the backyard where he always was... nothing!...
and then it just popped in my mind to go to the front yard and look for him.
Tell me about a sixth sense!
It's still hard for me to believe my eyes!
What I saw:
my niece's male cat that was always around chasing the female cats... dragging my little Calico by the neck trough my driveway!!!........
I almost had to get physical for him to drop and let go off the kitten!
The poor little scared thing!
At first he was acting kinda silly...not really moving around...and then he just started running back and was pitiful!
Luckily he wasn't hurt,
but I had to call my sister-in-law and tell her about what happened.
She had observed the cat's same behavior previously, but she though he wanted to mate with the kittens!
Now we know who the killer was!
I had read about male cats killing the newborns to be able to mate again with the mother,
but never nothing like this!
This was really a vicious thing!
She did give him away to some people in a farm, she told me.
And since then everything is good and quite...
as you can see little Calico is doing well
and loves to play with Alvin,
my male cat who's a mellow yellow and a good friend to Calico!

I did some cleaning on my back deck,
the outside furniture was really looking... not so good...
So... I finally made myself go out and wash it.
With the temperatures feeling like 100's ... it actually felt kinda good.
And it looks good too!

My niece was over for a couple of days and spent one night.
We made the sweet fried rings
my sister had reminded me about,
and I've told you about in here,
and they tasted very good.
Here's some pics of our partnership in the kitchen
(while I was doing all the frying of course!).


What else?....,
I did sew a little bit
and made another raggedy bag,

a reversible one this time,
and I think it came out pretty good.


Ah!.... I had almost forgotten... the Dude at the top...
it's a surprise!.... Shhh!....
I'll have to tell you all about it on my next post!
Until then,
and thanks for visiting!

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  1. Calico is so cute! Male cats are so weird. They seem to be hunting for kittens :O
    Male cats pick fights with poor kittens all the time in our neighborhood back in Pakistan. We usually try to shoo them away.