Sunday, May 16, 2010

Snakes & turtles, fabric scraps baskets & rodilhas

This week
I got my Mother's Day gift from my son
and I'm all excited about it!
Can't wait to try this Celtic patterns on a quilt!, 
I promise I'll show you when I do.
Also with the book came a 5"x5" charm pack of beautiful fabric prints!
I loved it!

  Speaking of my son,
I found a couple of pics he took some years ago of a snake eating a frog,
and I thought about sharing it in here
(we were all together in Canada when the photos were taken and
I think they are quite good):
Can you see the frog on the pic above...? 
 Now you can't see it, can you...?,
you actually can see WHERE the frog is, right?
I know, it's awful but yet pretty neat, isn't it?
Thought not as spectacular as the snake's
here's a couple more I took this week at the creek's banks...
Ta da!...

the snapping turtle!
There's a bigger one (I saw it a couple weeks ago, but didn't give me enough time to get the cam).
One of this days I'm going to share with you all
some of my animal photos
I took trough the last 10 years.
I will have to finish organizing all my albums in this computer
(I have been working on J's comp since mine has been sick...
still got to get it fixed.
And I'm still organizing my new laptop,
but I do have a LOT of pictures, so it will take time for sure.

What else for this last week...?
I made another fabric bowl/basket,
a couple of very cute little purses key chains
and something else I have been trying to figure out how to
for a while now...
I finally took the time and figured it out.
Did some research on the web and this is it!
I really don't know how it would be called in English,
in Portuguese it's called a rodilha or rodizio.
It's made out of fabric scraps
(from used old garments most of the times)
and the purposes it serves is to protect the head
when women used to carry stuff on their heads,
like this pic I found on the web shows.
It's an old picture and it pics the aguadeiros,
people that used to sell water on the streets in the late 1800's early 1900's.
The girl on the right is wearing one
and also the first woman on the right at the fountain.
Also this recent picture
that I found here.
Can you see the rodilha
between the woman's head and the basket she's carrying? 
I found the pic on a fine blog about Portugal traditional garments.
It's in Portuguese but you can always translate the page
or just look at the beautiful pics.
I am sure my son remembers seeing it at his great grandmother house back in Monsanto.
And I'm sure I'll be making much more,
not only for the fun of it but also because I really enjoy its design
and I think I will be able to find some other uses for it.

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